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Office relocation-getting it right

An office relocation is perhaps the biggest change a company can undertake and can make a major impact on any business – which is why it’s so critical to get it right.

Relocating your business will affect it for years to come so you need to assess how your business is performing right now and measure this against what you hope to achieve: What are your longer term financial and business plans; your growth strategy and your turnover forecasts?

People First

And then there’s the team.

An office relocation has to be considered, first and foremost, with the staff in mind – both the existing team players and the individuals you hope to recruit and retain going forward.

The actual location itself is pertinent in terms of time spent travelling to work for key workers and the facilities that surround the proposed new location.

A move may mean better space or cheaper rent for a business but a change in location can impact on the commute for members of staff. If their travel time is significantly added to then that will have a potentially negative bearing on quality of life.

Weighing Up The Balance

There are many considerations before final decisions on an office relocation are made. These include:

  1. Where your present and target customer-base is centred 

  2. As mentioned above, where your staff live

  3. Accessibility i.e. motorway links and public transport

  4. The location of suppliers

  5. Future transport links and changes to the surrounding area

These preliminary considerations will help, from the outset, when depending upon location.

An Opportunity For Change

Office relocation presents the potential for working and cultural change. 

It can be a major force of progression and growth. 

Using the correct research and data, you can create the very best workspace to suit all. 

Teaming up with our property manager, it’s possible to achieve a more in depth understanding of the space that you may need. 

Don’t let the above tips swerve you way from an office relocation as a new location can open many new opportunities for your business. 

For advice on choosing best location for your new office space call our team. 


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