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What will the office Christmas Party look like this year?

What is there to say about 2020 that hasn’t been said before? We truly are living in unprecedented times, it’s been 2020: the year of Zoom. But what will this mean for the office Christmas party this year? We spoke to some of the businesses based here at Madison Offices to find out what some of their plans looked like for the Christmas party this year. 

Have yourself a very virtual Christmas

Virtual meetups and videoconferencing have very much been the theme of 2020 and it looks like a virtual Christmas party will be the way lots of businesses here in the centre are going.

Although it looks like this is the way Christmas parties are to be across the whole of the UK. Digital Switchboard, Moneypenny, recently conducted a survey of 1,000 British office workers, revealing that 26% of their companies will be hosting a virtual Christmas party this year.

Long distance Secret Santa

What office would be complete without a Christmas Secret Santa? However, it’s also looking different this year. According to Moneypenny’s survey, 23% of office workers said that they’re participating in a long-distance Secret Santa this year. The rise of websites like Elfster, a Secret Santa generator, over the last few years has made this easier and it’s a great way to bring some festive cheer to your teams, even when working remotely.

Festive cheer for all

At the end of such a turbulent year and with the pandemic set to continue to rule our lives into at least spring next year, it’s really important to keep morale high for your team and what better way than with a bit of festive cheer? Staying in touch with your team doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, even acknowledging small things like Christmas Jumper Day that we organised on the 11th December and encouraging your team to dress up can make your team feel more together.


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