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Madison Offices Wi-Fi network upgrade

Updated: Mar 24

Over time the number of Wi-Fi devices used by our business tenants at our Offices here in Pudsey and guests visiting Madison Offices has increased, with many using video calling and streaming services on a regular basis.

With more demanding web applications and video streaming services in use, it became clear our old Wi-Fi system was unable to cope and that we needed an upgrade to the new high speed wireless system to keep up with the high demand.

To achieve our high-Speed Wi-Fi goals, we turned to our Managed IT Support provider, Primary Technology, to help meet our desired Wi-Fi standards and to be able to support tenants and guests in a high-density environment.

Primary Technology installed a reliable and secure Ubiquiti Unifi system, comprised of multiple access points. In addition to the access points, a feature-rich Unifi Cloud Controller was installed to provide cloud management and remote monitoring of the system.

Madison Offices is now experiencing an exceptionally reliable wireless network, with increased capacity and improved uptime. Wi-Fi has been extended for tenants and guests in meeting rooms, reception areas and waiting rooms, improving productivity and operational efficiencies.

We have future-proofed our wireless network, meaning tenants and guests now enjoy site-wide coverage with added security and GDPR compliance.

If you’re looking for a Serviced Office where you do not need to worry about Wi-Fi or connectivity issues, then speak to our team here.


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