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7 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work in 2021

With most of the country in strict lockdown and no prospect of returning to the office any time soon, 2021 is playing out like much of last year so far, and people all over the country are understandably frustrated and tired. 

With uncertainty around the future and remote working continuing for most, staying motivated at work is crucial for us to maintain positive momentum this year. 

So, here are seven ways to crush the career blues in 2021: 

1. Prioritise Your Mental Health

Now more than ever, mental health needs to come first. You might be throwing yourself into work to avoid having to address other issues, leading to burnout, or you’re completely detached from work because of stress from COVID, lockdown and other elements. Now is the time to put yourself first to flourish this year. 

2. Practice Gratitude

With the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic. it’s very easy to become despondent, making it even more challenging to be motivated for work. Being thankful for what you have can lift your spirits. 

3. Find Career Support

More content is available online than ever before due to most people offering services and expertise online during the pandemic. Take charge of our career track this year by finding a mentor willing to share their insights. 

4. Stay Busy

Boredom at work is a significant source of stress and can lead to depression and disinterest. Around 40% of UK employees admit to being bored at work, and more than half think their existing skills are being wasted. Taking regular breaks during long tasks can help you stay focused and reduce stress levels. 

5. Upskill Yourself

If you’re working from home and have more time on your hands, it may be a good time to increase your value at work by learning a new skill. By taking an online course or reading up on something you’re interested in can only benefit you and your career. 

6. Use Holiday Time

Currently, it may feel like we’ve been having a small break from work for the past year, but even if you’re working from home, it’s important to give yourself some time off. Taking time off from your devices, emails and workstation can be refreshing. If restrictions allow you, take a long walk, fresh air can do wonders for your mind. 

7. Change Work Environment 

It is clear that for many working from home is not an ideal situation. Working from your sofa or dining table can have an impact on your mental health. Which is why at Madison Offices we provide flexible office space for those who want to escape their home office situation.

Private office space

To conclude, nobody knows what 2021 will bring. All you can do is take charge of your happiness! 


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