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3 Quick Ways To Create A Healthier Workspace

With Spring finally here, it’s time to consider making changes to your workspace. Here are some quick and easy ways to instantly refresh your workspace and in doing so, give your work wellbeing a much needed extra boost.

1. Let Your Space Breathe

Firstly, try to let your working space ‘breathe’ as much as possible. This might not seem very inviting during the colder months, and not exactly refreshing when times are extra hot, but making sure that air circulates and clears as often as possible is really beneficial. It also gets rid of stale air and germs that are doing the rounds.

Spring is certainly the time to embrace letting the fresh air in. Open those windows, doors and allow clean air to circulate. Don’t rely on heaters or air conditioners. It’s especially effective to do this just after a fresh rainfall when that clean, rainy air can really help to cleanse your space.

2. Seek Out Personal Light

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Millions of workers in the UK do not have access to natural light in their working environment. Natural light really makes a huge difference to your wellbeing in the office and something many people now look for when trying to create a healthier environment to work in. This is why at Madison Offices, our offices and break rooms are equipped with large windows to ensure you have access to natural light.

If you can embrace natural light then make the very most of it in your working space. If you’re not so lucky, then consider bringing in full spectrum light bulbs that stimulate natural light, as well as task focused lamps in areas where you need extra clarity and help. Also, ensure you are getting away from your desk and getting out in the fresh air on your lunch breaks and for shorter breaks throughout the day as mush as possible.

3. Go Green And Bring Nature In

Studies have shown that workers who have greenery around them or who are able to see green open spaces from their workspace are actually more productive and their moods are suitably boosted. Bringing a bit of nature into your space is great for your wellbeing. It also encourages a little thing called micro-restoration, helping your brain to recharge throughout the day.

As you can probably see, at Madison Offices we love green. Plants in the workplace are inexpensive, and do not have to take up much space or a lot of attention for maintenance. We recommend investing in cacti and succulent type plants as their lack of pollen will ensure your colleagues do not suffer from allergies.


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